Thursday, July 15, 2010

Father's Day - Better Late Then Never!!

We had a great Father's Day this year and had the opportunity to spend some time with both of our dads.  I am grateful for my father-in-law for raising my amazing husband to be the incredible man that he is.  I'm grateful for all the men who have been extraodinary father figures to me... there are a few, but one in particular who comes to mind is this guy :)
He is pretty much the epitome of an amazing dad... and we LOVE him :)

To express our love for him we ate lots of food, gave him gifts, and had THIS for dessert:
Yep... it's making me drool just looking at it.  It's a chocolate pudding layered dessert with some sort of flakey shortbread crust... maybe I'll post the recipe so stay tuned.

I think dad's favorite part of the whole day was my crazy toes:
So he had to take a picture ;)

Then we went to be with this amazing guy...
Sorry, this picture is from last year, but I forgot to take pictures this year!!

And just to say a little about this amazing guy:
He's not a dad yet, but he will be an amazing one someday.  I'm sure of it.

I feel so blessed to have these amazing men in my life.  Happy Father's Day!!
Sorry it's a "little" late!