Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My birthday! :)

So Matt keeps teasing me that my birthday never ends because... Saturday was my birthday and we had a birthday lunch with his family during the day and I opened a new quad scripture set from his parents. The on the way to register I opened Matt's gifts. He wrote me a sweet letter, made me funny coupons, and is getting me teeth whitening trays (when we go and get the molds made for my teeth). :) Then we registered and went to my parents house for a birthday dinner :) We had cake and they sang again, then we opened presents, they gave me the most gorgeous flowers...
and a sweet card with money to get my hair, nails and a pedicure done for the wedding. Well then on Monday night we went to my sister's house and had another birthday dinner and I opened gifts from them. Then we played Disney scene it with all the little ones, Matt was definitely the Disney know it all of the night! Though I think half of the questions he got were about Pirates of the Caribbean. He and Mikayla took a strong lead and won! Then we had birthday cake, strawberry shortcake... I've been craving it ever since! Well now it's Wednesday and my roommates are throwing me another birthday party! So now can you see why Matt says I'm being a "birthday hog" haha. Anyway here are some pictures of the party at my sister's house on Monday night :) It was such a fun night and we can't wait to do it again!

Me and Mikayla :) She is 7, and adorable!

The Kidlets and I: Katelyn (6), Derek (1), Mikayla (7), Whitney(4)

Katelyn insisted on taking a picture of JUST me. She also wanted a funny face and this was the one we came up with, haha :)

Haha, This is Matt and I with Mikayla doing bunny ears in the back. Katelyn was having fun taking lots of pitures and telling us what poses to do. We love our little photographer :)


Morehouses said...

HE HE HE!!! That was a lot of fun:) Cute pictures I love them! Oh and...I stole one of them for my blog LOL!! rrrrrgggg...not my lucky day I got the first word verification thingy wrong LOL!!