Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Matthew:

Matt, Jennette (Matt's mom), Stephanie (one of the three of us ;))

So I was just sitting here thinking about how amazing Matt is, so to embarrass him a little I'm doing a tribute to Matt. He has been working so hard lately working two jobs and starting a business. Yet, he always finds time to help me with wedding stuff, play with me, or pamper me by taking me out to eat. He texts me lots during the day just to let me know he's thinking of me and is always making me laugh.

His music taste is so broad and random but he has converted me to most of it and it's always fun to cruize with the windows down and the music playing. I couldn't be marrying into a better family, which probably explains why Matt is so amazing :) His family is so fun and has helped so much with wedding planning.

I have fun doing ANYTHING with Matt. We have fun making dinner, watching sports, surfing the web, watching the news/politics, talking, reading, listening to music, driving, hot tubbing, shopping (really- Matt likes it!), running errands, going tanning, grocery shopping, making movies, going for walks, hanging out with family, and much more! He is so fun to be around and, without fail, always makes me laugh, then laughs at my laugh. :)

He isn't a very sensitive guy, but he tries really hard when I need him to be :) He loves to pamper me. We recently bought tennis rackets and he got me a tennis outfit :) As soon as his arm heals up a bit, we are going to pick up playing tennis, I'm sure he'll have to teach me a lot. He is so fun and sweet and I am so glad I asked him for his number... haha long story. :) 36 days now! Woot woot! I love him!


The Clingo Family said...

awww! you guys sound so cute together :)