Friday, June 27, 2008

Manti Pageant:

Last Friday night Matt and I went to see the Manti Pageant in Manti, UT with our friends Landon and Julie Lisonbee. We love hanging out with them - they are so fun! The drive out there was probably one of my favorite parts because we got to drive through lots of really small towns. I love looking at all the cute old houses and stores. We got there really early and there were a TON of anti-Mormon picketers which really surprised me for some reason. My favorite sign of the night was one that read: "ABORTION IS MURDER!" I wanted to go up to them and say, "Oh really? I never thought of it that way!" Another favorite was, " Is the Jesus in the Book of Mormon the same Jesus in the Bible?" Hmmm... why don't you stay and see? We of course didn't talk to them, but as we walked past I could tell Matt was just waiting for them to say something to him, haha. I love my husband. While we were waiting for the show to start we played Killer Bunnies - the famous and amazing game! It is so fun, but it does cause many hard feelings and grudges to be produced. Sometimes when we play with James and Stephanie we play on teems - Steph and I against James and Matt and lets just say when we go home Matt won't talk to me :) Just cause Steph and I always win :) haha No but it's a way fun game. We also had tons of treats and I made cookies. Right before the show started the mosquitoes came out and started eating us alive! Well not me - Mosquitoes don't like my blood, I haven't been bit since I was about 6 years old. Matt got about 5 bites. The show was really good - we were a little far away though. I think the coolest part of the show was the effect of having it on the beautiful Manti temple grounds. It was such a cool show and such an AMAZING temple! Here are some pictures from the night - they didn't all turn out amazing - but here they are anyway :)

The beautiful Manti temple!

Julie and Landon playing killer bunnies :)

A candid picture of Matt talking.

Matt and I before the pageant.

Matt all cute and wrapped up in his blanket for protection from the mosquitoes.
Love the cheesy smile :D

Julie and Landon - so cute! :)

We just love hanging out with these guys!

Matt and I right before the pageant started :)


Linnea&Jeff said...

Oh you two cute couples. We really want to get all of us together for something fun...we have a couple of ideas. We'll have to discuss.