Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 Months! :)

Well, we have now been officially married for 2 months! :) It has been wonderful! Matt has a golf tournament tonight, so we celebrated on Monday night by ordering pizza and renting a movie. It was nice and relaxing :) Last night we went to the temple and then went to bed early - it was SO nice. This morning I woke up with a splitting head ache. I woke up Matt - poor guy - to tell him I had a horrible head ache and he spent the next half hour taking care of me. He then gave me a blessing - I feel so blessed to have the priesthood in our home. He then got up with me and made my lunch so I wouldn't have to get out of bed as early. I headed to work and even though Matt didn't have to go to work for a few hours he stayed up to clean the apartment so I don't have to do it after work... I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I couldn't ask for a better husband and I'm so glad I married him 2 months ago :)