Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Weekend :)

So our weekend wasn't EXTREMELY exciting, but it was a fun weekend :) Friday night I had a horrible headache so after dinner I ended up falling asleep for a bit, but I woke up and Matt and I watched Minority Report. Matt got ANOTHER sore throat!!! It's not as bad the the strep he had 2 weeks ago, but poor guy just keeps getting sick! I must have a strong immune system cause I never get it!...knock on wood! :) Anyway Friday night sleeping was a nightmare! Matt was restless and all we wanted was to sleep in. Around 5 am I got up and got Matt a drink, then the people below us turned on their bathroom fan... not a big deal right? Ha! You have to hear this fan! It sounds like a generator and vibrates our bathroom floor! Sleep was hopeless! Poor Matt was sick and couldn't even sleep! On top of the loud fan there was this strange music... I didn't say anything cause I thought I was just crazy till Matt said, "Is it just me or do you hear Harry Potter music?" Haha that was it! It was some strange bell noise and I couldn't put my finger on it. Matt said it was xylophone. Friday we just kind of hung around the apartment. Matt looked through the recipe books and picked some meals that he wanted this week. Then I did one of the things I hate most... Grocery Shopping! :P I'm not sure why I hate this so much... maybe it's the screaming children or the people who are oblivious and almost run you over with their carts. Maybe it's the long lines or that I always go when I'm hungry which makes me nauseated... but I hate it none the less. But it was ok cause I got to come home and play with Matt. We played video games and Matt was showing me how to play his college football game on the XBOX - it was actually really fun and we won with me getting a couple touch downs and good hits :) Then we played Halo for a bit and I killed Matt and couple times... only to find out he let me... I guess I already knew but I wanted to think I was kind of good :) haha It started raining really hard and their was lightening and thunder puddle - this is our favorite! We stood out side on the balcony for a while just watching the storm. There was a huge in our parking lot so I talked Matt into going down to play in it with me, then we rinsed our feet off in the bath tub - I LOVE THE RAIN!!! Then we watched Hitch - such a funny movie! haha Then we went to bed. Sunday morning poor Matt was sick again! :( I got up and started dinner, I marinated the chicken and set the rolls out to rise. Then I went to church. When I got home I finished dinner. I made scalloped potatoes... from scratch :) Then I made a really good salad and cooked the rolls and the chicken. We had chicken salad, rolls and scalloped potatoes and got really full :) Then we relaxed and watched the Olympics. The relay race was AWESOME! SO close and it was so good to smash the French after their trash talk! :) It impacted me so much that Matt heard me talking in my sleep last night about Michael Phelps... haha how random? So all in all it was a fun weekend despite my ill husband :)