Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Ultimate Gift:

On Sunday after church we watched the Ultimate Gift - Matt had seen it before - but I hadn't and he really wanted me to see it. It was SUCH a great movie and I highly recommend it. Not only was the message amazing but the story line was good as well. It really makes you take a look at what is important in life and makes you want to be a better person. We just rented it from Block Buster but I think we are going to buy it because it is just that good of a movie :)


The Everett's said...

We watched that as a family earlier this year..or was it last? Anyway, I loved it as well.

Kalli said...

I actually read the book before the movie came out, and the book includes more gifts and is more in-depth. But there was no love story and the little girl is only part of one chapter, not throughout. So you have to give and take. Anyway, it is really good and makes me think of how I can implement those lessons into my own growing family!