Monday, August 4, 2008

The Zoo! Wahoo!

So after we dropped Stacie off at home we headed to my parents house. After getting our things settled for the weekend we made our way out the door. On the way to the zoo we stopped at Crown Burger.... it's actually pretty good and we decided Matt should feel royal for his birthday ;) Then we headed to the Zoo. My parents were so sweet to pay for everything and we all had a really good time. I felt like a little kid again! I think I said about 15 times how excited I was to see the monkeys, then after we saw them I kept saying how I glad I was that we saw the monkeys. Matt says I like them so much because I'm just like them. I'm ok with that. Every animal was my "favorite" but the monkeys were my most favorite ;) The bird show was AMAZING! They had this parrot that could sing and dance and say things like "What's up doc?" and answer questions like what his favorite color was - of course it was green because he was green :) He sang "I left my heart in San Francisco" They had tons of birds fly right over our heads and I think if my mom and I didn't duck we would have gotten hit in the head by the crazy HUGE owl pictured below.

Matt and dad walking toward the Zoo

Mom being crazy - this is where I get it from :)

Matt and I at the Zoo - Wahoo!

These were so cool I had to take a picture. This would be a sweet picture to frame!

Some parrots like the one that sang :)

Wait for it................


Haha these little ones were my favorite and I caught him with his mouth open... See monkeys are just SO cool :)

The White Alligator! I was a little disappointed that they got rid of the butterflies but this big guy made up for it :) Matt said it would be sweet to have a baby white alligator as a pet... I don't know about that.... especially when they grow up like this one!

This was an amazing flower we saw and I thought this would be a cool picture to frame as well.

Matt and I in some sort of boat... 2 cameras at once - we were looking at the other camera.

My modeling pictures with the Gorilla - don't we look a like?

We became friends pretty fast - Matt was jealous.

Mwah! xx

I told Matt to put his arm around the Gorilla like they were buddies, but I think he still had some hard feelings so he decided to embarrass the gorilla by picking his nose.

This was a cute baby monkey and it's mom burrowed into straw and paper just takin' a nap :) These might not be monkeys... but I cal all of them monkeys... and I love them.

This Elephant was crossing it's legs :)

Our friend the Elephant

The Rhino's

This bird was sweet! We were standing in line waiting to donate money and this bird was DANCING to the music! It was sweet! :)

This bird would take your money and put it into this donation box

American Eagle

The Owl that flew right over or heads... or into them if hadn't have ducked... haha no pun intended

This turtle was HUGE! (They are all turtles to me) I was sad we didn't see the little turtles cause last time I was there we saw these little ones fighting... and they were so slow it was hilarious! One we playing defense turning around to get away from the other one who was following him and trying to bit his head.

Bright orange bird :)

Matt said this was my friend - the sloth... but we all know it's really his friend. His name is Sid.

Matt standing under the mist to try and cool off :)

Giraffe! These guys were pretty cool too :)

Some more amazing flowers

The Bears

Zebras! So crazy how they have stripes!

A picture of the four of us :) Happy Birthday Matt!

Mom and Dad

Matt and I in front of the Zoo

We had such a great time but it was SO hot we had to come home and take a nap! When we woke up we had a big BBQ for Matt's birthday :) The food was so good, especially corn on the cob! Then we watched the video from my home ward's youth conference (my mom and dad are both in young men and young womens) It was fun to see everyone. Then we watched August Rush... such a great movie, and ate more fattening food! Mom and dad hadn't seen it and Matt and I love that movie so much that we bought it. Saturday was such a fun day! :)


The Everett's said...

I love the zoo! We're going Friday.

Jeff and Linnea said...

Loove the zoo pictures, Steph. Especially the one of you posing with the gorilla. :-)

Lexi said...

The monkeys are my favorite too! Loved the pic of the one with its mouth open. I also loved the sloth.

Ryan, Melissa, & Family said...

LOL...I can so see you being excited about the monkeys hahaa!! I love the picture of Matt with his finger up the gorillas nose LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh:)

Melissa & Jason said...

Fun! The monkeys are my favorite too. And seriously, you look just like your mom.

The Godfreys said...

Oh i'm so jealous! and i have a little obsession with giraffes, and the little zoo in logan doesnt have any! Looks like you had a blast! :)