Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Fridge... :(

Our fridge and freezer don't work.... may not seem like that big of a deal to you... but trust me it IS! We came home from a wedding reception Friday night and I opened the freezer. Everything looked a little frosty, so I thought - "Oh no. I don't think it's working... :(" But I wasn't quite sure till I touched the banana's I had in the freezer for banana bread... and my finger went right in! YUCK! I quickly called maintenance for our apartments and some friends... to see if they had room in their freezer. When we started moving everything out of the freezer a lot of it was ruined and the fridge wasn't very cold either. So after throwing a bunch of stuff and doing an emergency fridge clean out. We took it all over to our friends the Tiek's house to store it. We also put a few things in James and Steph's fridge. We decided it was a good excuse to go to make a late night taco bell run since we were both hungry. Then we watched a movie. It started to get annoying when I wanted a glass of ice water... to no avail. We woke up Saturday morning... hungry with no food. We decided to go to breakfast, but by the time I got ready it was almost lunch time so we went to cafe rio instead :) We left the maintenance man in our apartment to fix our fridge and freezer... but when we got home it STILL wasn't working... sigh. Well it's now Monday and it still doesn't work. It was really annoying yesterday when we were starving and everyone was gone so we had no food. Oh also I have had a sore throat all weekend and all I wanted was some ice water :( ... no ice. Then I needed to bring a lunch to work today so I had to get the stuff to make it, then store it at James and Stephanies.... and how do you eat breakfast? I had to bring it with me to work in containers - cereal and milk. I think Matt just got something at Carl's Jr... it gets really old REALLY fast. So they said they are going to come and "fix" it today... or get us a new one which I would prefer because now I'm really nervous to put food in there! So unless you have experienced the loss of your fridge I don't' think you can fully understand.


The Everett's said...

Oh joy! THat's terrible. I hope they fix it!

Linnea said...

That is the most awful thing ever. That happened to me when I lived at Glenwood my sophomore year. Our fridge/freezer broke and it was absolutely terrible. The worst thing ever.
When that happened to us we complained about our lost food to Glenwood and they agreed to reimburse us for what had been ruined (especially because the repair took longer than it should have - similar to your case) so you should talk to your apartment owners and see if they would be willing to do that with you too.
Good luck - I hope its fixed soon!

laura d said...

Yeah, my old fridge used to do that every month, unless I caught it and defrosted it before the motor stopped working. It was quite annoying to lose all that money on groceries gone bad. At least you don't have to buy a new one, thats not fun at all!

The Clingo Family said...

i've had a broken fridge before, i feel your pain! :)