Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Weekend :)

We had a fun weekend last weekend :) On Friday we went to dinner with James and Steph at Bajio, then the boys did their thing - video games, while Steph and I went shopping at the mall and did some grocery shopping/baby shower shopping at Wal-Mart. Then we came home and Matt and I stayed up for a bit playing guitar hero.

Saturday morning we cleaned the apartment and did the laundry. Then Landon & Julie and Jeff &Linnea came over to watch the BYU game - AMAZING by the way - and we made home made pizza's which were amazing! Thanks for bringing the dough Linnea! :) We ate lots of snacks and all of the girls took little naps during the game. :) Then Matt & I and Jeff & Linnea went to Mary and Bryant's apartment to go swimming. It was about 5:00 by the time and the pool was in the shade, not to mention it wasn't an extremely warm day anyway - so needless to say we were a little cold :) But it was fun and we even played an intense game of marco - polo. Then Matt and I came home and got showered and went to the movie store to rent the first season of the office. Then we folded laundry, watched football and the office.

Sunday morning we got ready for church and then head up to South Jordan to go to church with Matt's family. Matt's dad was just called to be the bishop of their ward so we went up to be with them while he was called and set apart. It was such a neat experience and he is going to make such a great bishop. Then we spent the afternoon with family and had a bbq. Then we came home and relaxed some more before the start of the week :) Maybe I'll post an office clip - just for laughs - ah I love it! :)

The Fans at the apartment: Linnea, Jeff, Landon, Julie and Matt:)

I had to post this one mostly because Matt's face is priceless - this is how much my husband likes having his picture taken. The game was WAY intense - I couldn't even sit by Matt during it because he was yelling so loud I probably would have gone deaf ;) luv ya babe!