Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ashton, Idaho:

This past weekend Matt and I went to Idaho with Mom and Dad and Michael to visit Matt's extended family in Ashton, Idaho.

Mom, Michael and Dad on the way up to Idaho :) Matt and I drove.

We left on Thursday morning around 11 am and got there around 4 pm. Then we hung out with family and unpacked our things at uncle Brad's house till the BYU game started. I just have to say that the elderly are hilarious!!! Matt's great aunt GraceAnn was staying with his grandparents while we were there. When she found out that Matt and I were married she was really surprised cause she said we look too young to be married - I think this confused her a little. But after realizing that we are married she said, "I'm sleeping in the room next to them!" Haha, we just had to laugh - we were sleeping in a different house, but I just think it's funny that old people can get away with saying anything they want and it's funny :) haha For dinner we had taco salad while we watched the game.... not a good way to start our vacation... anyway... after that we stayed up really late watching the Horse Whisperer. Friday morning Matt went hunting with his uncles and cousin then we had a big breakfast and head out on our long, gorgeous drive...

First stop - Warm River to feed the fish:

Matt and Michael

Mom and Dad

Matt - he was LOVING this :) it is illegal to fish in this part of the river, but Matt said he was going to get a 2x4, tie some hooks to it, and "accidentally" float it down the river ;)

Mom and Michael

Matt and I

After feeding the fish, while we were driving to Mesa Falls, Matt said something so funny it needs to be recorded: Matt - "I think fish are my favorite animals." Mom - "Really why?" Matt - "Because they don't come on land and bug me." Haha, you might need to know Matt for this to be funny - but he doesn't really like animals - especially pets. He claims it is because when he was growing up his sisters always had animals, but he was the one who had to clean up after them. :) haha

Second Stop - Mesa Falls:

I took the oportunity to take some scenic shots while walking to see Mesa Falls

Dad, Mom and Michael walking to see Mesa Falls

Michael wanted me to take a picture of this sign. Can you find the grammar error?

Mesa Falls... the river just... ends! ;)

Mist off the falls

All of us at the falls - Michael, Dad, Mom, Matt and Me

I love this picture of the falls - I think we will frame it :)

Michael, Me, Matt and Dad

Matt and I

I thought these rocks were pretty cool :)

Michael, Mom and Matt

Dad and Mom relaxing

Third Stop: Warm River Falls

This was secluded and gorgeous!

Matt and I by Warm River Falls

Michael and Matt by Warm River Falls

Yep - he's hott ;)

Michael :)

Yep... it's a tractor...

Fourth Stop: The Drug Store

Matt and I eating our milkshakes, this store is famous for it's milkshakes in Ashton - but it's closing next month - We had to go for my first and last time, and Matt's last time :(

Dad and Michael :)

This was all the gum under the bar where we were sitting... this really was an old, small town drug store! :)

Fifth Stop: Ott's Place - I didn't take any pictures but Matt's uncle Brad owns a bar in town... we went to visit for about 2 minutes... it was an interesting experience. It just made me realize how much happiness comes from living the gospel and doing what is right.

These were some videos that I took at various locations. First: Warm River Falls, Second: Mesa Falls, Third and Forth: Feeding the fish at Warm River

After all this we went to Grandma Purcell's house and played cards for a bit before going hunting - this time I tagged along and it was actually pretty fun :) After hunting we came home and had dinner, watched a movie and went to bed (I actually fell asleep during the movie - as always ;))
On Saturday we drove home - actually I drove home - I never realized how exhausted and sore you can get from driving!


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks like a fun trip:) I love all the pretty pictures!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Oh and the grammar error..."May be"...TWO words DUH!!!