Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Peacegiver - by James L. Ferrell:

Matt and I have been reading this book together, it is one of our favorite things to do :) It's so fun to read with someone else and then be able to discuss the topics. I love this book because it teaches church doctrine in story form so it makes it easier to understand and apply. While we were reading together last night I was thinking how many significant quotes are contained in this book. Take a minute to stop and think about each of these - oh and if you haven't read this book I definitely recommend it!

"Being mistreated is the most important condition of mortality, for eternity itself depends on how we view those who mistreat us."

"When we withhold forgiveness from others we are in effect saying that the atonement alone was insufficient to pay for this sin. We are holding out for more. We are finding fault with the Lord's offering. We are in essence demanding that the Lord repent of an insufficient atonement. So when we fail to forgive another, it is as if we are failing to forgive the Lord - who, as you [know], needs no forgiveness."

"Remember three things. First, Christ took upon his own head the sins of those who have wronged us. Second, because of this, he stands between us and those whom we think have wronged us, asking us to realize that the atonement is sufficient for those sins and to therefore repent of our grudges and give up our enmity. And finally, if we forgive, the atonement fills us with what we have lacked and either washes away our pain, or sustains us in it."

"'Righteousness' is simply a humble understanding of how unrighteous one is, coupled with a deep commitment to be better."

"Rick felt real conviction - not the cocky confidence that covers and blinds one to sin, but rather the humbling recognition that sin is at the door, but that there is One more powerful than sin that guards the way if we will let him."

Well, I just thought I would share those with all of you - because they had such a great impact on me :)