Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Date Night:

First Stop: Mulligans Miniture Golf :) Matt and I went here on one of our first dates last November - Luckily it was a little warmer this time around :) We had fun just goofing around and we were the only ones there so that was kind of fun. I think the best moment was when my ball hit Matt's out of the way and I made a hole in one! :) Matt calls it cheating - I call it skill (or luck - either one) ;)

Matt and his wicked putt ;)

This is my golf pose - I really just liked the cool bench ;)

The sun was setting and the mountains looked really cool.

After golfing we went shopping to get me some new jeans and running clothes for winter. We had luck with the jeans - but not with the running clothes unfortunately.

After shopping we came home, took some cookies to our friends, and played Jenga:

This is a distraction tactic... take pictures of your opponent so they can't concentrate...

The Jenga face

Getting taller!

And taller!

This picture was taken a few turns before it fell... I made it fall :( - it made a really loud noise on the glass table and scared me half to death! We were surprised how tall it got!
Then we took some time to watch a little TV - eat snacks and read before going to bed :) It was a fun night :)
We have a fun weekend planned - so hopefully I'll have some more to blog about on Monday. Matt woke up feeling really sick - so here's hoping he gets better in time to partay this weekend!