Saturday, October 11, 2008

Urine Town:

Matt's sister Stephanie has been playing Hope Cladwell in Urine town this past week. On Friday night we had to opportunity to go up and see her in it. It was fun to be with the family and see Steph in her play. Despite all the "potty talk" it was a really good play ;) It was really funny and Matt really liked the "Don't be the bunny" song. She had to die her hair red for the play and she looked beautiful and did an AMAZING job! We were so proud of her! :)

The family after the play: Mom, Stephanie (Hope Cladwell), Stacie, Dad, Michael, Stephanie, James, Matt, Me and Grandma Palmer :)


The Everett's said...

My sister loves that musical. I've listened to the soundtrack before as well. Funny show! Where is it playing?