Friday, November 7, 2008

Things I'm thankful for:

From now until Thanksgiving I'm going to try writing something on my blog that I am thankful for. These posts are inspired by Jason and Stephanie - you can find their blog on my blog list :)

Today I am thankful for Matthew - that is an easy one, but I feel so grateful for him :) He is SO fun to be around. He is always making me laugh and always willing to try my crazy ideas. We are always doing fun things together - things that aren't necessarily the most fun things are fun just cause I'm with him :) He is always patient with me and loves me even when I have a grumpy face day :) He always finds a way to make me smile... even when I'm being stubborn. He always turns up the music and rolls the windows down... then rolls them up if I complain that it's blowing my hair. He loves my food - and shows it... I usually make big meals so we can have leftovers for dinners the next day and lunches.... only Matt likes the food so much I usually come home from work the next day and it's all gone... hehe He lets me warm up my cold hands and feet on him. He tells me I'm beautiful especially with out makeup on. He reads to me. He thinks I'm smart ;) He always helps around the house - I think I'd rather come home to a clean house then have him buy my flowers, but he does that too. Matt gets so excited about things - especially sports :) He is so dedicated to the Lord, us and school. I'm so proud of him and today I am thankful for Matthew.