Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Weekend :)

We had such a fun weekend last weekend! :) Friday night Matt went to play with the guys and his parents and little brother - Michael - came to play with me. They brought Pizzas and his dad fixed all the little things I had been nagging Matt to do :) He put the mirror up in the bathroom - I now have a place to get ready! And he put up the new light fixtures which was quite the project - but they look great! Thanks dad! I helped mom cut out a bunch of fabric for a quilt she is making and we watched August Rush. Michael finished signing our guest sign in book for our wedding. He is so funny! He made up names and handwriting and impersonated what people would say so that all the pages would get filled - you can't even tell! haha :) It was so much fun. Saturday around 2 we went to South Jordan to Matt's parents. Matt and James helped their dad cut down a bunch of branches in the back yard with the chain saw. It was raining and they all looked so cute out there :) The girls cooked and chatted inside where it was nice and warm :) then we ate dinner which was delicious! Shredded roast sandwiches, twice baked potatoes, veggies and dip and lots of yummy desserts. Then we all made our way to the play at Hale Center Theater - It was really funny and we loved it :) Then Matt and I came home and stayed up late watching Gilmore Girls. Sunday was fun and relaxing and my parents came to visit :) So all in all it was an amazing weekend :)

The boys after all their hard work :)

Steph and James at the play

Matt and I at the play :)