Monday, February 9, 2009

Our New Home Finally! :)

So I finally got around to taking pictures of our new place in Orem :) enjoy...

Our bed... still the same - but look at those walls :)

Our dresser and window... still working on some curtains for the window for decoration and also to block out some of the light.

Our cute wall hanging... our only one in the bed room at the moment..
I'm gonna work on that too!

My closet and the wall... We are going to put a book shelf there.
Matt's closet is in the other room.

The hall way leading out of our bedroom

Our bathroom

Our TINY shower :) Hence the detachable shower head.

Bathroom sink and mirror

Bathroom towels

We used our shower curtain as a cover up for our storage area under the stairs - no pictures please :) hehe

Our family room from the hallway to our bedroom

What you see first when you walk in

And moving left :)

Lets zoom in on Matt's favorite part :) We thought it was so fun to get this cute little fridge to put in the family room and we have had so much fun buying drinks for it and it is great for parties!

Family room

Fire place

Entertainment center and our new lamp. We were watching the TV version of Braveheart

View of the back corner of the family room... and Matt's elbow.

The Kitchen

Well that's our new place - we really like it and it's nice to be all settled in :)


The Clingo Family said...

Love your new place! And I'm so jealous you guys have a fire place!!

alyssa said...

wow, look at you! that's such a cute place! how fun :)

Teandra said...

We painted our bathroom that bright green. I love it. It's called asparagus, right?

Lisonbee Family said...