Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Eggs!

On the Friday before Easter we went to my parents house to have dinner and paint Easter Eggs. It was fun to feel like little kids again :) My favorite egg was Matt's "Warrior Egg" as he named it. I don't think we have a picture - for your sakes :) But he dipped that egg in every color so that it turned into a grayish "camouflage color" as Matt called it. However, part of the egg had picked up some concentrated pink dye from the bottom of the dish that almost looked red. Matt said that was his war wound.

Here is Matt concentrating

Matt practicing his artistic abilities :)

Matt with his "hang man" egg... you can't tell me that your Sunday school teacher didn't, at some time or another forget to prepare a lesson and have you play "spiritual hangman" this is in honor of that tradition ;)

Matt wanted to take a picture with his "warrior egg" - but it was too violent for a G-rated blog.

Judd with his favorite egg.

Mom with her sunny side up egg.

Me with my flower egg... I'm not very creative :(


Bryan and Sarah said...

I love your Easter Eggs! What a fun activity!