Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Matt and I went to help some family move late the other night and we were a little "energetic" on our way home... these are the results haha I love this face!

The sunglasses had to go since it was a little hard to see and we didn't want to die - We had the windows down and I decided the only way to do that is when you have a hoodie on to keep your hair from blowing in your face... Matt doesn't have that problem, thank goodness!


Teandra said...

I got your post! That's wierd that it didn't come with the schdule. Contact my friend Lyenna (lenna) and she can help you. (801) 739-6476.

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love your photos - awesome! I love that you have so much fun together!

The Bennion's said...

You guys are too cute and have way too much fun together! Love it!