Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Love! :)

Matt and I had our 1st anniversary on Saturday! :) We spent the entire weekend celebrating... so here is a play by play!

Thursday we went grocery shopping and got lots of yummy food to eat and snacks to snack on :) This always feels good!

Friday morning we slept in... and by slept in I mean we didn't wake up until almost 11! Then we made this delicious breakfast... mmmm...

Here is Matt eating his breakfast first thing in the morning - and he still looks good! haha... notice there aren't any pictures of me :)

After we got ready we went to the school to sell Matt's books back (what a joke! that's a story for another time :))

Then we went to Starbucks for yummy pastries and juice.... I had a cheese danish... if I had the car right now I would go get one for sure... I can't stop thinking about it.

Then we went shopping with the intention of finding Matt some new clothes... but of course while he is trying clothes on I always wander to my side of the store... hehe But we had fun just taking our time and we got lots of fun things :)

Our bags :)

Then we went and got pizzas from our favorite pizza place - Papa Johns - here is the box. haha

And of course dinner was served with the famous Pomegranate Lemonade! Mmmmm....

Then we spent the rest of the night snuggled up with our blankets and pillows doing our favorite thing - watching movies at home! We watched Twilight, then gilmore girls.... and Matt wanted to watch Twilight again so he did.... the next day he fast forwarded to all of his favorite parts before they took it off our pay per view... This made me happy. It makes life SO much easier when you both enjoy some of the same things :)

Saturday morning we slept in again! Then after getting ready and grabbing some break fast we had BIG plans for the day. We were going to go for a walk up the canyon, play tennis, go to the Jordan River temple and go to gateway and eat at the same restaurant we went to before Matt proposed. Then go up to draper to see all the city lights like we did the night he proposed... BUT It was raining - kind of ruled out the tennis and canyon part and the temple would be really busy on Saturday morning and we had been shopping the day before so we decided to stay down here :) and we went shopping... haha doesn't really make sense I know but it was fun! haha Then we went to Olive Garden for an early dinner around 3 so that we wouldn't have to wait forever! :) Then we came home and watched our wedding dvd - it was really cool to watch again and I can't believe it was a year ago! Then we danced for a while and watched more movies :)

Matt and I on our first anniversary!

P.S. I LOVE this restaurant!

Our bags from the second day of shopping! I made out with 2 skirts, 5 shirts, and a pair of shoes. Matt found 6 or 7 shirts :) It was fun and a much better way to spend money than on a hotel!


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks like a way fun anniversary! Ryan needs to watch the kids and you need to take me clothes shopping now:)

Lauren Rawlings said...

sounds fun steph. I can't believe it was a year ago that i saw you looking freakin gorgeous at your reception :)

alyssa said...

happy anniversary steph! time sure does fly. looks like you had a great weekend! love you!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! I love how you bought clothes instead of a hotel room - a fun idea! Your weekend looks like it was so fun!