Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures As Promised :)

Purcell Family Reunion 2009

Some of the cousins just hangin' out.

Eating dinner at Matt's parent's house :)

We made a trek to the store with about 10 little kids to get side walk chalk :) - But it was all worth it in the end!

All of us drawing on the driveway at Matt's parents house.

It was so colorful when we were done!

Matt and I - this could have been a good picture... :P Matthew.

Just relaxing outside and talking with everyone :)

Playing the shock game... I wasn't playing - I can't handle that amount of stress!

Aunt Lisa cooking dinner in the morning!

Gorgeous girls all ready for the temple open house.

Purcell Cousins after the temple open house :)

Some of the family in front of the temple afterward

Eating outside :)

Grandma Purcell, Dad Purcell, and Aunt Janet.

Lots of cousins playing Frisbee.

Water fights and bottle rockets :)

Baby Nate - he is one energetic, adorable little boy! He loved all the water!

Bottle Rockets :)

Matt, Uncle Wes and Dad Purcell

They put a tennis ball on top and some of the cousins would try to catch it on the way down... until...

Ronnie got hit in the face when she was trying to catch it!

Poor girl :( She is still gorgeous though :)

The new and improved rocket.

Traditional Balloon toss

Mmmm... donuts. I just wanted the donut - it was worth it.

More Donuts :)

Uncle Bill - priceless.

Playing a newlywed game - Matt and I got most of them wrong about each other, haha we'll have to practice :) The Wives

The Husbands

Cousins and uncles watching the basketball game.

Boys playing basketball.

Grandma and Grandpa Purcell and the proclamation to the family with all our pictures around.

It turned out really well :)

Baby nate had fun getting into lots of things - We turned around and found him sitting in the cooler like this. It was the perfect place for him :)

Haha, such a cute messy face!

Everyone at the reunion!

Stacie and I getting all the food ready for Stephanie's baby shower.

Mom Purcell and Steph

We had her do lots of things at once to get used to multitasking :)

That's a pretty flexible baby!

Some of the people at the shower :)

Mom Purcell and I at the shower :)

The blanket I made her :)

And the cute whale tub :)

Stephanie opening some of her gifts

Stephanie with Ariel and Courtney :)

Everyone at the shower :)

Uncle Mark...

and James throwing the football.

Dad Purcell getting the fire going.

Roasting marshmallows

Eating s'mores :)

And last but not least - lots of fireworks and a few opps'


alyssa said...

wow. it looks like you had lots of fun!! and i'm glad everything went well with your MRI.

Bryan and Sarah said...

Your family reunion looks like it was so fun! Isn't great to have a spouse that has such an awesome family? You are looking great, too!

karla said...

What a fun reunion! And nice work on the baby blanket!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Looks way fun!! I like the picture of you and Matt LOL:)

The Martin Family said...

I actually like family reunions. It looks like yours was awesome. You and Matt are such a cute couple!