Monday, November 23, 2009


I have had my Christmas Decorations up for over 2 weeks now and I am LoViNg it :) Matt went to the school one Saturday morning and came home and all the decorations were up. He was pretty excited. I just love our cozy little family room and our favorite thing is to turn on all the christmas lights (I have a big tree, a little tree and a garland all with lights on them and that is just in the family room :)), turn on the fire place, turn off all the rest of the lights and just relax. Matt has his couch and I have mine and we just watch our favorite shows or read together. Needless to say our lives are pretty good and we can't complain. Last night we finally got around to watching our Thursday night shows - one of which was Greys Anatomy and it was the holidays episode and it got me SO excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thanksgiving is like a "Pre-Christmas" in my world :) I also just started listening to Christmas music... I LoVe this time of year! A few of my favorite things are:

- Being with family and friends
- LoTs of Yummy Food
- Christmas Music
- Christmas Decorations in Homes and Stores
- Christmas Lights on Houses and at Temple Square
- Peppermint Hot Chocolate
- Christmas Baking
- Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning
- SnOw
- The Smell of Christmas
- Shopping during the Christmas Season - I know this drives some people crazy. But I love the hustle and bustle EsPeCiAlLy if I'm not looking for anything in particular.
- And so, SO much more...

What are your favorite things about the holidays?


Bryan and Sarah said...

I love the holidays too! I'm getting excited, but I do wait to do Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I'm going to do an Advent this year!

Hayley said...

I'm glad you have your Christmas decorations up too.:)We've had our Christmas tree up for a week or so and I am loving it.

Teandra said...

I love the picture at the top of your blog...very cute. My husband refuses to put up any decoration until after Thanksgiving..