Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Festivities!!

On Christmas Eve I worked until 3 and then we went up to South Jordan to Matt's parent's house. We played games and had dinner. Then we had a Christmas devotional and played pass the pigs and the winners got to give their secret elf gifts. I didn't take very many pictures, but we had lots of fun!!

Matthew and our nephew Chase :)

After giving our secret elf gifts Matt's sister Stephanie gave everyone these ornaments that she made to represent their favorite restaurant. She made them all by hand with clay!!

Then we went to my parents house to have appetizers with the Pinegar side of the family. We played Catch Phrase afterwards and it was fun to see my grandparents play it for the first time. Then we talked and had treats and went to bed. On Christmas morning we woke up and had breakfast which always consists of breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. Then we opened presents. **Sorry, the lighting was a little weird... but I did the best I could to edit the dark ones**

Here is Matt opening his first present! :)

Dad was nice to hand everyone their gifts from under the tree.

Matt's first gift from my parents - a sign of things to come ;)



Dad making a goofy face:

Me and my wonderful wrapping job... yes, I purchased and wrapped all my gifts from Matthew this year. But I know he loves me :)

Matt's dress pants from me:

Mom with her candle from Matt and I - Vanilla Lime... mmm...

Dad with his chocolates from us :)

To Matt from Dad and Mom Pinegar - I LOVE this shirt on him!

Hmm... these gifts look an awful lot alike!...
Because they are the SAME gift!! Haha This wasn't planned but they both bought each other Matt's Grandpa Palmer's book "Religions of the world." Matt's mom also did some of the artwork. They didn't know they got each other the same thing and they didn't know that Matt's grandpa is the author. Crazy coincidence!

I love this green sweater :)

What could it be?!
A new sweater I see.

Mom with her new bracelet from us.


My new Shirt from Mom and Dad - THANKS!

Matt's new weight bench... so nice. I say this was a gift for me as well!! ;)

Mom with her new I-Pod :)

Dad with his HUGE shoes. I think he wears a size 14!!

More dress pants for Matthew:

Mom with her new outfit:

Always making goofy faces. Dad with his new belt:

Thanks mom and dad!! I love it! :)

Matt and another new sweater, these are SO nice!

When we first opened this we thought it was a wire whisk from my aunt and uncle in Canada... but no it is one of those amazing head massaging tools!! We had to try it on Matt's head right away and he loved it.

New shirts!! Both matching with mom :) Thanks Matt!

Matt's new sweater! Surprise! :)

Matt's weights to go with his new weight bench!

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity on CD - from Matt and I :)

Biscotti for Dad

My new coat!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Not a huge fan of this picture of me... and the coat is a little more turquoize than the picture displays, but you get the picture. **Pun intended**

Dad's new sweater from us. We are really into sweaters this season... just be grateful it's not the sweaters with bells and snowmen on them!
Thanks Mom and Dad! "This will look really cute under that grey sweater you just gave me!"

New shoes from Matt!

The damage:

And then I was sad because my camera died!! :( We went to Matt's parents house and opened gifts with everyone there and I was going to take lots of pictures... but I forgot my charger. Doesn't it seem like that always happens?! Anyway Matt got the rest of his weight set from his parents and a few other things. They gave me a season of Private practice, some slippers, money (which I used to buy a season of grey's anatomy), and a few other things... YAY! Thanks to James and Steph for the Jamba Juice gift card... it will surely bring us joy ;) Matt's mom and brother took a bunch of their family home videos and put them on DVD and gave each family a copy!! And Matt's little sister Stacy put all their family songs in a book for everyone! Then we headed down to Matt's grandmas house and had fun hanging out with everyone and then we opened gifts from grandma! Then we came home and my parents and sister's family came over to hang out for a bit. Melissa and Ryan gave Matt an awesome suitcase/duffle bag which we had already used TWICE!! And they gave me one of those adorable watches with the adjustable beaded bands :) Thanks guys!! After Melissa and Ryan all the kidlets left we got really hungry... but lazy at the same time. So we decided to drive around and see what was open... hmmm... only two options, Denny's or Mi Ranchito. And since I would rather not eat than eat at Denny's (sorry too many bad experiences) we settled for Mi Ranchito. Then we came back to our house and watched the ultamate gift.
All in all, it was an amazing day and we had a lot of fun spending time with family!! :) Sorry there aren't more pictures of all the events! Maybe if we wouldn't have been so camera happy at the first place we would have had more battery left. We hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and hope that you have a wonderful new year!! Bring on 2010!


Bryan and Sarah said...

Your Christmas looks like it was awesome! I agree with you about Denny's - yuck! I love all the great photos, and I'm glad that you had a great day!

Teandra said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Better show before and after pictures with the weights ;)