Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Lives of Us...

I feel bad sometimes because I don't have any MAJOR events to blog about. But, here are a few things I can say:

1. Matt is throwing himself into his school work and he is absolutly loving it. I drop him off in the morning arond 8:15 and I pick him up at night around 5:15! I'm so proud of him.

2. Matt is looking into an internship with New York Life, which he would be involved in next summer while probably taking some classes at the same time. He has an appointment with one of the big shots next Tuesday.

3. We have turned into major bums. Our favorite thing to do (besides being with family) is to stay at home. We get home from school/work and make dinner (which is usually a free-for-all at our house due to our busy schedules). Then we take our dinner down stairs to our cozy family room where we turn on the fireplace. After dinner we watch some TV, maybe do some reading, maybe workout, and just relax. We really are best friends and it's so fun just being able to hang out all the time - just to two of us. We call it "date night" every night.

4. We cancelled our Direct TV... WHAT?! haha. I know. I'm going through withdrawls. :) It has been good though - it will save us money, in the long run, and time! We still have local channels however, which keeps us from going insane... I miss FOX news the most. Matt misses ESPN.

That's all for now!


Bryan and Sarah said...

I miss the newlywed phase! It's nice to have time together - it sounds like you're loving it! I also like how you got rid of your cable. Cable is expensive, and I feel like movies do the trick. I'd recommend Netflix. Oh, and I hope that all goes well for Matt in the New York Life interview.

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Nothing wrong with just chilling every night... that's what we do and it's the best! Just a shame we can't do it together once in a while- we miss you guys! Also... I'm pretty sure that your word verification is making me type swastika. Seriously, blogspot?

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

I love your posts...major AND minor:) We will cross our fingers for Matt's interview...Good luck! Also, there is nothing wrong with being a bum at the end of a long day...that's the BEST part:) Way to go on the canceling DTV...I have thought of doing that myself...just never could pull the trigger LOL:)

carly said...

that's the best life! ps, i haven't seen you in forever!