Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Years Ago Today...

I married the love of my life, my best friend, my hero.
I am grateful for him every day.

Dear Matthew,
Here some highlights of our journey together...

The first picture ever taken of us together :)  BYU Game 2007.

The night we got engaged :)  We look really young!

 Some of these...

And a few of these too... 

 And finally some of these :) - I loved this day!

 May 2, 2008

 Manti Pageant 2008

 Our first home together.

Some fun date nights :) 

 Matt's 23rd Birthday :)

A trip to the Zoo (Please notice the bandage on my left ring finger... remember that?  When I cut my finger off?  Remember when it grew back... kind of?) 

 LOTS of BYU games :)

 Cabin Trips (Thanks Kenny and Jamie :))

Squirels in toilets...

 A Trip to Ashton - Milkshakes included :)

A sweet halloween costume - 2008

Our first Christmas together (married anyway :)) 

 Our second home together...

My 20th Birthday :)


 Fun times with family

 Our 1st Anniversary

Family Reuinions

A trip to Washington - We stayed in Forks just for you.

Our 2nd Christmas together

My 21st Birthday

More fun times with family

And your personal favorite I'm sure... smoothies.  You had two last night... and wanted a third.  You make me laugh. :)

It's been a great journey so far and I'm looking forward to the future...

The Favorite Things List:
I have too many "favorite" things about you to list them all... so here are just a few...?

1. I love how you are determined and hardworking.

2. I love the relationship you have with the Lord - I strive to me more like you each day.

3. I love how patient you are with me, especially when I complain.

4. I love that you always listen and know just what to say or do to lift me up when I’m feeling down.

5. I love that we are best friends.

6. I love the conversations that we have when no one else is around.

7. I love that you will always be my Ching Wah and I will always be your Cha Chi.

8. I love that you are so loving and kind - the concern and love you have for others shines through your actions.

9. I love that you are such a loyal friend.

10. I love our date nights that are filled with our favorite foods, cuddling, and movies.

11. I love how much we love food.

12. I love the way you eat your cereal out of mixing bowls.

13. I love the way you let me get the sleepys from your eyes, and shave your neck line.

14. I love the way you smell when I kiss you.

15. I love the way you always want me to try what you are eating.

16. I love the way you keep me up at night talking about our future.

17. I love that you go on walks with me sometimes – even if you don’t want to.

18. I love that you cook with me and do the dishes for me too.

19. I love that you steal my socks sometimes.

20. I love wearing your sweatshirt.

21. I love it when you tell me I am beautiful – especially without makeup.

22. I love the way you tempt me to cuddle with you in the morning instead of getting out of bed like I really should.

23. I love when you tell me all about your day – whether good or bad.

24. I love when you tickle my arm or rub my back.

25. I love the way you smile when you pick me up after work.

26. I love that you almost always have an opinion.

27. I love the way you ask me if I’m sleeping every 5 minutes when we are watching movies.

28. I love the way you let me warm up my cold feet on your legs.

29. I love the way you hold my hand or pull me close in the middle of the night.

30. I love that you will happily watch Gilmore Girls with me - and enjoy it.

31. I love the passion you have for life.

32. And most of all, I love the way you love me.



Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Stephanie! It sounds like you have an awesome husband!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! We love you guys!

Kelly said...

This is the cutest thing ever :)You are the most adorable wife!