Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My To Do List:

  • Buy a Gift for Steph’s Bridal Shower
  • Buy a Gift for Rachel’s Wedding
  • Buy a Gift for Michelle’s Baby Shower
  • RSVP to Michelle’s Baby Shower
  • Call Everyone, Again, for RSVP’s to Steph’s Shower
  • Finish Planning Steph’s Shower
  • Buy Yummy Desserts for Steph’s Shower
  • Call Melissa – My Cute Sister
  • Find Out When We are Walking For The All Night Cancer Walk
  • Collect Boxes to Move
  • Find Volunteer’s to Help us Move
  • Call RC Willey and Make Sure They Don’t Send our Couch Back Before We Pick it Up When We Move
  • Call Apartments to Find Out When We Can Move In
  • Start Packing
  • Buy a New Rug for Kitchen
  • Buy New Table Cloth
  • Get New Shelf for Entertainment Center
  • Buy New Comforter
  • Buy New Sheets
  • Buy a Microwave
  • Find Money Somewhere
  • Finish Doing the Laundry
  • Dishes… Always on My List Since These are Never Ending
  • Work Out?... Ha.
  • Wash Couch Cover
  • Go Grocery Shopping… haven’t had milk for days!
  • Help Matt Make a Study Plan
  • Study for the LSAT with Matt
  • Read All the Conference Talks Since We Missed Them All
  • Remember to Put the Garbage Can Out Next Tuesday… We Keep Forgetting and It’s Over Flowing
  • Plan Sunday School Lesson
  • Clean Car
Looks very unlikely that I will finish all this...


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

The lists never end...once all that is done there will be another one. Life is just one big list isn't it!?