Friday, June 11, 2010

Steph Squared

Steph was my closest friend when I switched high schools and felt like an outcast.  Girls can be so clicky - I hate that.  When we met there was an instant bond because we have the same name.  Steph is a year younger than me, but people used to get us mixed up a lot... we each got quite a few enthusiastic waves from people the other one knew.  I never quite understood why, but It always made me feel good because Steph is gorgeous.  Steph was always there for me.  Whenever I was sad Steph would show up with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Sisterhood of the Traveling pants - we love that movie.  We held each other while the other one cried through boy drama, girl drama, family drama, and even the passing of loved ones.  Always there.  I sat in the dark on the edge of Steph's bed while she was sick, eating the jolly ranchers on her nightstand and keeping her company.  Steph knows pretty much everything about me.  Every secret, every mistake, every love, every thought, everything.

Last night we attended the beautiful wedding dinner of my friend Steph.  It was beautiful, she was beautiful, and she looked happier than ever...  Good friendship is one of the best feelings in the world.


laura d said...

uuum, k so I had to make the photo bigger because I couldn't tell which one was you! That's weird!!

Kalli said...

Yeah, you look the same. That was so touching! It makes me miss being away from the town where I grew up, where I left behind all those really good friendships. They don't come around often! Cherish them forever!