Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Obsession...

Matt and I decided on Saturday night that Food IS our hobbie.  Some may say that Food can't be a hobbie, but it is for us!!  A date night for us is sucessful if it's filled with good food. :)  We also love to go grocery shopping together.  We both get REALLY excited about good food.  And so I bring you our latest creation...

Ok, so it's not the BEST picture, but this is the homemade trail mix we made on Saturday and it is delicious!!  We just went to the bulk bins at Winco and Wa la!  You should try it!! Here are the ingredients:

Raw Pumpkin Seeds,
Sunflower Seeds,
Flax Seeds,
Dried Cranberries,
Dried Cran-cherries.

Then you just mix them all together for a delicious snack!!


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

Mmmm looks tasty! I may have to try that. I haven't been to Winco foods yet...are there prices good?

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love good food too! I find cooking to be so relaxing - I'm glad that you and Matt enjoy it together! Oh, and you are the best sister in the world to watch Melissa's kids for her!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! YUMMY!!! I am getting the ingredients TODAY!!! You got your passion for food from me, but I LOVE IT MORE!!! JK;}