Monday, September 27, 2010


Ok, so I'm pretty sure I have NOTHING to post about... But I'm feeling guilty for not updating the blog here.  So I guess I'll make a few confessions and suggest that you make some of your own. ;)

*I HATE when my feet are "dirty".  I wash them several times a day - weird I know.

*I love taking baths (even in the summer), but not as my primary source of hygiene.  This means I usually take a shower in the morning and a bath at night... so sue me.

*We make fruit smoothies at least 5 times a week and we love to put lemons in them.

*I like cleaning... yep, I said it.  Don't tell Matt or he'll stop helping me.  But, even more than cleaning, I LOVE having a clean house.  It feels so nice.

*I HATE doing the laundry.  With a passion.

*I get annoyed when Matt watches too much football, but only if I'm watching too.

*I love sleeping.  I can sleep anytime, anywhere.  I can take a 2 hour nap after work then still go to bed at 10 pm and sleep until 7 am.

*I get grumpy at Matt when he wakes me up - especially because he finds the most annoying way to do it.

*I think I'm too thin - but all attempts to change this have failed as of yet.

*I love the rain and thunderstorms.  Anytime there is a storm I have to go out on the balcony and watch while breathing in that fresh air.

*I sit on the counter to do my makeup every day.

*I can't stand having long fingernails - but don't worry I don't bite them - sick.

*I love reading LDS romance novels.  Yep. E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G.

*I can't stand the feeling of dry skin against the sheets so I have to put lotion on my arms, legs, and face before going to sleep.

*We've watched all the seasons of Gilmore girls more than twice and I could do it all again.

*I'm a perfectionist.  Especially when it comes to folding or cutting paper.

*I have to make the bed every day, even if it's right before we get in.

*I don't remember the last time we washed our car...  It hides it pretty well which just makes the situation worse.

*I hate scary movies and I get upset with Matt when he doesn't change the channel.

*We may or may not sleep in on weekends until 11 am.

*I get up to go to the bathroom every night, usually around 5 am.

*I am what some people might call a "backseat driver" (but only when Matt is driving). Matt is even worse.

*Matt and I have already picked all the names for our kids.  First and middle and four for each sex just in case.  This was actually Matt's idea.

*I could eat garden tomatoes and cucumbers with salt and pepper all day.

Congrats if you made it to the end and probably learned more than you wanted to learn about my life. :)


Bryan and Sarah said...

Really liked reading your list - it's fun to know more about you!

The Martin Family said...

Fun list. I am with you on a lot of them!

Katie said...

I hate having dirty feet too. I have to wash my feet if I've been wearing flip flops. Random. And ditto on the dry skin too. This is why I usually wear socks to bed, cause I hate if my feet chafe against the sheets.

And if you've read Marcia Lynn Mclure, we need to have a little chat. And I guess if you haven't then we still need to chat cause you have some books to read.

Stephanie said...

I'm trying to decide if it's CREEPY that we have 18 out of 24 of the same confessions or if it's just EXPECTED. haha. Pretty sure I'm not surprised at all.

Lexi said...

Loved it.

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

I love it...we are alot alike;)

Rach said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Love it. We are FINALLY about to play!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)