Friday, October 8, 2010

A Conversation For The Record Books...

So I sent Matt some pictures of some good looking hairstyles and this is the conversation which ensued...

Matt: Ha Ha, I love how you chose pictures of only dream boats!

Me:  :) Dream Boats?  How do you know that phrase? Do you like any of them?

Matt: No I don't like any of them.  I LOVE all of them.  The guys or the haircuts?...

Me:  The haircuts!  Haha.  No seriously.

Matt:  Which one do you like?  I can't see myself looking like that?

Me:  How about this one. 

Matt:  Well duh! Even I would marry Hugh Jackman!

Should I be worried?


Katie said...

No, I'm pretty sure Ryan would marry him too. But only if he always wore his wolverine costume.

Melissa said... shouldn't be worried. I told Jason that I had a crush on Hugh Jackman. And Jason responded, "I'm okay with that. I have a man crush on him." Lets just face it...Hugh Jackman is hot.

The Martin Family said...

Hugh is cute. Ryan is hot.

Anyway....Ade aka Adrienne

We call her Ade, pronounced eighty.

Do you get it? It is a bit of an inside joke.
LOL! You are SO CUTE!

Julie said...

Hahaha what is it about Hugh Jackman? Landon and I have discussed his awesomeness, too! He's the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be!