Friday, October 22, 2010

Never Been...


We are living and loving every moment of life right now.  We love watching the news and occasionally The Office while we drink the smoothies we just made.  It sounds simple, but everything with Matt is fun and exciting.  He is like a little boy sometimes because he is so enthusiastic about things.  We love cooking together, especially without a recipe.  We get excited when it rains and we stand out on the balcony to watch it.  We open the window at night, even though it's freezing cold.  Then we add extra blankets and cuddle.  We are Fall/Winter people.  We kiss everyday when Matt picks me up from work even though we get shocked... every time.  We talk endlessly about law school and take guesses as to where we will be this time next year.  We love spending time with family.  We are so excited for the holidays!  Matt has already planned a secret gift for me and he keeps telling me how much he just wants to tell me about it.  We love shopping for clothes for each other.  We have so many amazing friends who we love.  We are best friends.  We are blessed. 

We face trials - as everyone does.  But we recognize that we are blessed, and we are grateful.  What are you grateful for?


Rach said...

We are grateful for you!!! :-)

And our Harry Potter marathon of course. We really love spending time with you two. Last night was a blast.