Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback - Matt

Since it is Friday, I decided to do a little flash back.  Mostly because it's a good excuse to show off how cute my husband is.

Matt was born in Texas :) Hence the shirt.

Mmm... Toes

Look at those adorable curls!

Overalls and leg chunk!

Matt and James

Whenever I'm describing this picture to Matt I say, "You know the one where you are drinking from the sprinkler in your diaper..."  He gets really 'upset' and says, "It wasn't a diaper - it was underwear!"  It's ok sweetheart, everyone wore diapers when they were little ;)

Matt and James - I love Matt's cute little belly button in this one.

And... just in case you aren't convinced that Matt was the cutest little boy ever...  this will do it.

James and Matt as Pirates :)

Frogs!  Little boys are so different than little girls :)

Matt wore glasses for a little while when he was little and now he doesn't need them...  talk about tricking the optometrist. :)  I'm convinced he shouldn't be driving.


Katie said...

HAHA! Those are awesome pictures. He was a cute little kid.