Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Baking...

We try to do a Christmas baking day every year before Christmas.  We had our annual baking day just a few weeks ago.  If you want any of the recipes just let me know! :)
Matt was correcting papers for most of the time while we were baking - poor guy!  But he got to do lots of sampling.

Matt and dad making the decorations for the shortbread.

Mmm... I LOVE shortbread.  We made a different kind this year and it was delicious.

Lemon bars, turtles, and chocolate/pecan bars.

The shortbread fell a little in the oven :(  We think maybe we should put more flour in next time?  Any other suggestions?  It still tasted incredible.  Please also notice the fun cookies that Matt and my dad made with the extra colored shortbread.  Yum?

Mom frosting the mincemeat bars... they are a lot better than they sound. :)

We also made hello dolly bars which include ingredients such as coconut, graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans, etc.  They were amazing.  Mom renamed them the "goodbye dolly" bars because they went so quickly.

The messy kitchen.

We came home with a bunch of baked goods and had a good time baking them.  It's definitely one of my favorite traditions.


Katie said...

I loved the shortbread. I might need the recipe. Baking is so fun!