Thursday, January 20, 2011

So... Blessed.

The title will make sense in a minute, but first let me just say...

Everyday I get on blogger and hope that people have updated their blogs with limericks, funny stories, pictures, etc. And to me, it feels like I just updated our blog.  Then I realize that my last post was over 2 weeks ago and I have been slacking just a little... So let me tell you about the latest miracle in our lives.

I have been sick since January 4th... funny enough the date of my last post.  I'm finally starting to feel a little better.  Dang colds.  Matt also got sick, except he got sick on January 11th and was feeling completely better by the 17th.  Fair?  I think not.  It's the 20th and I'm still sick.  But, I'm kind of grateful because it has made me realize how many amazing people there are in the world.  Word got around that we were sick so we had about 5 meals brought to us and 5 more offers were turned down.  People brought us soup, popcicles, entertainment, movies, gatorades, fruit, crackers, pizza, salads, and more!  A few even offered to go grocery shopping for us and told us to give them our dirty laundry and they would wash it!!  And our neighbor and the elders quorum president came to give us each a blessing. 

I felt overwhelmed by the love that was shown through these incredible people.  What a blessing.  It really made me want to be a better person and work to serve other people more.  So, I challenge myself, and anyone who reads this, to look for a way to serve today, even it's just something small.  It will brighten your day, and theirs... I promise.


The Martin Family said...

Cool story Steph! Get better!! Yep, you are loved.

karla said...

Thank you for the reminder to serve others, Stephanie. And you are just looking as beautiful as ever! Hope you're feeling better. :)