Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spoiled? Just a little.

(Disclaimer - don't be alarmed - I dyed my hair - it's quite a bit different :))

People frequently CLAIM that the youngest in the family gets spoiled.  As the youngest in my family, I have frequently denied this claim.  Recent events, however, have caused me to retract my former position.  Please follow along as I take you through the events of my Birthday week.  Literally.

Friday, February 18th:
Siblings (Melissa and Sterling) and their spouses (Ryan and Hayley) met at our apartment.  We squished in the car and made our way to Cafe Rio - yum.  After enjoying some delicious Cafe Rio we made a gelato stop.  We then came back to our apartment to play "Bang".  If you haven't played this game, we highly recommend it. 
After a couple hours of playing sheriff, outlaw, and renegade, the outlaws brought home the bacon.  I was an outlaw... (I may or may not have been the first to die, but I still won because the outlaws killed the sheriff).  It was such a fun night and we will definitely be doing that again soon!

Saturday, February 19th:
My mom and I went to my cousin Rebekah's baby shower while Matt and my dad went to a covered golfing range.  It had been a while since Matt had been golfing so he came home with a few blisters - ouch.  After the shower and golfing we went to a family friends house to watch the rest of the BYU basketball game.  After the game my parents asked where we wanted to go for dinner.  I chose Jason's deli.  Have you ever been there?  Love it.   
Mom and Dad at dinner :)

Matt and I at dinner

After dinner we went to find a suit for Matt.  I had requested this and it was probably one of my favorite birthday activities.  He looks extremely attractive in that suit.  It made my day.  Now I can't wait for it to come in...  (Pictures to come - if you're lucky ;)).  After dinner we went over to the mall for a bit. 

Then we came back to my parents house for dessert.  I had requested strawberry shortcake - yum.

Mom whipping the cream - it's the only way to have whipped cream

The Masterpieces...

Birthday Cake

And, the standard 'blowing out the candles' picture

The beautiful flowers from my mom and dad

Monday, February 21st:
Purcell family came down to our apartment and brought my favorite pizza - Papa John's for dinner.  We enjoyed visiting together and discussing the book that Matt and I have been reading (I'm thinking of doing a post just about this book - it's incredible).  For dessert mom brought her wacky cake - it's incredible.  I may need to post the recipe here because it's the best chocolate cake I have ever had, and I'm not even exaggerating.

Dad, Me, and Mom with the cake :)  Love them.

Me and the delicious birthday cake

Grandma Palmer and Mom

Dad with his cake :)

He wanted a picture eating the cake - ha.

Stacie and Quinn (our cousin)

Michael and Matt - this picture makes me laugh

Grandma Palmer

Stephanie :)

Tuesday, February 22nd
My boss took me out to lunch during the day.  We went to Kneaders - also one of my favorite places.  When I arrived home from work Matt had made me a birthday dinner - yep - he's amazing. 
Chicken Taco Soup (definitely one of my favorites - recipe posted below)

Matt and I with our yummy soup
I have the best husband ever - hands down.

Wednesday, February 23rd
(the actual birth date)
I woke up to my snuggly cute husband - the best way to wake up.  At work my boss brought me flowers and a sweet gift.

Gorgeous flowers

So, I have been wanting an SLR camera for a while now and I had started saving for it, but I thought Matt wasn't taking me seriously.  Until he called me at work and said he had been out looking at cameras and found a really good deal.  He picked me up and took me to look with him and we bought it!  We also got a really great 2nd lens. :)  I'm excited play with it and to take some classes to improve my photography skills.  Worst case scenario, I won't be posting anymore dark, grainy, pictures to the blog - so you can all benefit!  What a great birthday present...  I'm DYING to try it.

After buying the camera we went to Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet's house to watch the BYU basketball game.  This has become such a fun tradition ever since they moved here - we love it.  Jimmer + seeing Bill, Janet, and the Grandparents twice a week = an awesome tradition.  AND BYU won - Happy Birthday to ME! :)


James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Fun times! Wish we could have celebrated with you guys... and eaten wacky cake :)

Can't wait to see the pictures you take with your new camera!

Katie said...

Yeah, you're definitely spoiled. You're so cute. Happy birthday.

Teandra said...

Aren't birthdays wonderful? I'm the youngest and my dad tells all my siblings i'm his favorite ;) You're still so young. Enjoy!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice family to have! It looks like they took good care of you!

Lexi said...

It must be hard being so pretty that you can pull off any hair color! ;)

Next time you'll go red, right?

I'm glad you had such a great birthday week, you deserved every second of it.