Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tax Time is Hilarious

It's that time of year again and since I did them last year, I told Matt it was his turn.  I did them last year without turbo tax - just the help of my beautiful sister - it was HARD.  He graciously did them this year with turbo tax.  (Never doing them without that again).  He finished and e-filed them about a week ago. 

As we were visiting with our friends, the Georges, this weekend we realized we better take a look at our 2009 taxes and make sure we had done everything correctly.  Somehow we started talking about the 2010  taxes and I took a look.  To my amazement, Matthew had entered all sorts of 'fun' numbers.  :)  He hadn't entered any tutition expenses.  There were also a few numbers that were entered that weren't from any of the forms we had received.  When I asked Matt where he had gotten the numbers he said he just 'guessed'???  We definitely errored in the government's favor, but I'm pretty sure he messed them up on purpose so he won't have to do them again.  Mission accomplished.

Everytime I think about it I laugh.  Matt is one of the most intellegent people I know, but I'm pretty sure the IRS doesn't want you to 'guess' on your taxes.  Just sayin'.  :)  LOVE him.

Needless to say I've ammended the tax return and I'll be mailing it in this week.


Katie said...

I think it is so funny, but at the same time you also feel like you are getting free money. That never hurts.

Bryan and Sarah said...

That's so hilarious! We've used Turbo Tax for years and Bryan does them. I do the bills. Each spouse definitely has their strong skills!

Allison and Boyd said...

That is too funny! That is why I have Boyd do the taxes and I don't even touch them! Being a grownup is hard!

Crystal and Kyle said...

Love it! Turbo Tax is great. We had BYU do them for free this year. That was a first. Where do you take photography classes? We got a new camera for Christmas this year and I would love to learn more!