Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take One, Take Two

Mike (my cousin) and his sweet wife (and better half ;)) Faith came from England to visit for General Conference.  We loved taking them places and most of all, we loved just visiting with them.  We were so sad to see them go and wish they lived closer so we could see them more often.  I guess we'll just have to scrounge up some spare change and take a trip to visit them, and the rest of the family, soon.  :)

Thursday, March 31st:
We met Mike and Faith at the Mall and did some shopping.  Faith bought some jeans.  Mike embarrassed himself at the register.  And we chatted while we shopped. 

Then we went for a drive up the canyon.  It was cold but we got out for a bit and walked around.

Mike and Faith in the car on the way up the canyon.

The sunset was amazing.

Matt and Mike
Steph and Faith

Mike in his element - teasing Faith.

Mike and Faith doing some log racing.

Then we kidnapped Hannah (cousin from Scotland, here studying at BYU, LOVE her) and went to Cafe Rio so Faith could try some "real" Mexican food.  :)

 Take one.
Matt is chewing ice, Mike makes an unintentionally weird face.

Take two.
Not much better I'm afraid.  The girls look gorgeous in every photo.  Mike makes an intentionally strange face.  Matt decides not to look at the camera. 

Take one (with Matt as Photographer).
Mike looks away.  Hannah wants to be the center of attention ;).

Take two.
A little better... Mike just told a joke = the rest of us trying not to laugh.  Too bad my arm looks massive. :P

Sunday, April 3rd:
We meet up with Mike and Faith in the morning.  Eat some toaster strudels on the way and head to the conference center for some of this...

Mike and Faith looking fantastic in the Conference Center.  Mike's looking for Glen Beck.

Matt and I were there too...

While we were walking to the car afterward some trees decided to drop all their snow on us - the first of many times that would happen to me that day.  Fun.  

We ate some nice lunchables (a U.S. delicacy) in the car.  Then we stopped by Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet's house for some carrot cake.  The cake was delicious and Bill and Janet were about ready to take Mike and Faith in as their own.  Not to mention Grandma Purcell who showed them all her photos from when she and Grandpa served a mission in England.  She was so excited - it was so sweet.

Take one.
The four of us at Bill and Janet's after Conference.

 Take two.
 Mike gave us all a lesson in why this sign is considered offensive in England.  Then he made us all laugh when he did it for the picture.

Saturday, April 9th:
Fast forward six days.  Mike and Faith come for dinner.  Partake of my scalloped potatoes gone wrong and claim they taste fine.  Then we head to BYU to give them a quick tour.  Mike pretends he crashes into something backing up - giving me horrible whiplash.  We arrive at the BYU bookstore just as it's closing!

But, we play the "visitors from out of the country" card and this nice man lets us in.
Small world - turns out he served his mission in their ward and baptised one of their ward members.

We get a Jamba juice (seriously a U.S. delicacy ;)) and chat for a while.  Then we head to the nickle arcade, which Mike tells us is the "pound arcade" in England.

Mike and Matt are like two little boys on Christmas morning... and ARE seriously breaking a sweat in the next few photos.

 Love Mike's face in this one.  Matt is stretching.  "This is harder than it looks!"

So focused and easy to be made fun of.

This is how faith felt about watching them play...
Ok, not really Faith and I had a blast and we were incredible at hitting "jackpot" on all the ticket games.  At least we got some candy and cheap toys out of our hard work! :)

Then we came back to our apartment and visited and ate snacks until about 12:30 in the morning.  Thanks for coming to visit and spending some of your honeymoon with us!!


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