Monday, May 16, 2011

94,608,000 Seconds

94,608,000 Seconds, 1,576,800 Minutes, 26,280 Hours, 1,095 Days, 36 Months, 3 Years

Slept In,
Woke Up,
Got Ready,
Went Grocery Shopping (actually one of our favorite things),
Unloaded the Groceries,
Went to Lunch (pictured below),

Saw "Osama Got Jimmered" Sign (pictured below),

Saw the Conspirator (really good),
Rented the Tourist,
Made a Yummy Dinner,
Watched the Tourist,
Ate Gummies (also a favorite).

Our 3rd Anniversary was filled with all our favorite things: food, sleeping in, food, movies, and more food. :)  It was the best anniversary so far.  I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend.  We are looking forward to all the adventures that lie in our future.  Love him. xo


James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Happy 3 years you two! We are glad you had such a successful trip to Notre Dame- it really is a beautiful campus. We will definitely have to come visit you next year. Miss you- see you next week :)

Katie said...

Ah cute! That sign is hilarious. We still need to try the frozen gummies.

Rach said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!