Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time with Family (Part I)

We packed up the moving truck with the help of family on Saturday, July 23rd and spent the next five days with our families.  It was perfect to be able to spend some quality time with our families before the big move.  I've decided to do one post of the time we spent with Matt's family, and then "Part II" will be the post about the time we spent with my family.  :)  We miss them all so much already.

Grandma Palmer, Mom, Michael, and Matt eating pizza after helping us move.

Matt, Dad, Mom, Steph, and Michael after eating yummy hamburgers :)

Michael, Steph, Mom, Dad, Me, and Matt in front of the "UP" House - If you haven't seen it, it is AWESOME! :)  I probably wouldn't want to live in it, but it would be fun to have a little playhouse replica someday.

Matt and I also found a chance to go down and visit Grandma and Grandpa Purcell before we left.  Grandpa Purcell gave Matt some good advice about law school and of course made us laugh by talking about how he's so old.  Aunt Janet said every morning when he wakes up and realizes he's still here he says, "D*** it!" :)  When uncle Bill was taking this picture he kept saying, "Don, look at the camera."  Grandpa said, "Why would I look at the camera when I've got this beautiful little lady sitting next to me?"  And if you know him you can just HEAR him saying that.  :)

Matt, Me, Aunt Janet, Uncle Bill - We'll sure miss watching all the BYU games with you guys! :)

Saying goodbye to everyone on our last night in Utah
Matt, Me, Mom, Dad, Stacie, Christian, Stephanie, Michael, Gma Palmer

Me, Matt, Mom, and Dad

Thanks for a good time you guys!!  We love and miss you lots!


Tracie said...

I didn't know you had a blog either! That's great that your husband is going to Notre Dame! Congrats!! I'm going to add you to my list!!