Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pancakes. Beaches. Shopping.

On Saturday morning we slept in and then made our way to the very highly recommended "American Pancake House"... 
(Sorry this isn't the best picture)
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Let's just say the recommendation remains in tact.  It was AMAZING.  We drive past it pretty much everyday and I stare at it longingly.  I had the french toast and the fresh squeezed OJ.  Matt had the egg, bacon, and cheese panini.  They were both incredible.  And the best part was that we didn't feel sick after like we usually do after a big breakfast.

After breakfast we made our way to Silver Beach on Lake Michigan.  One word: WINDY!  It was crazy, as I'm sure you'll gather from the pictures.  It was still gorgeous and I'm sure we'll never forget it because of how windy it was.  Matt and I can't wait to go back in the summer.  I really tried to capture the beauty and the wind.

The waves were massive!

There were some really cute houses along the pier.

And some interesting artwork. :)

Walking down the pier.

Once we were back in the car and removed the sand from our shoes, ears, eyes, hair, etc. we made our way to the outlet mall in Michigan City.  We spent about three hours in the car this day, but it was one of our favorite parts.  The scenery was beautiful.  
Later Saturday evening we walked the five strides or so to Meijer.
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 My mom had been talking about going since the moment she saw it and I'm pretty sure she snuck out to go shopping there in the middle of the night a couple of times.  :)  I think she just liked that it was so big and SO close.  Matt and Dad were so patient while we perused every part of the store and bought some more junk food (as if we didn't already have enough).  These five days were filled with SO much yummy food.

More fun to come...


Bryan and Sarah said...

I love the lake photos! Beautiful!

Katie said...

Those waves look cool. I want to try that breakfast place.

James and Michelle's Family said...

Wow, so beautiful and so windy! I'm glad you didn't blow away!!! Next time put rocks in your pockets just to make sure you don't :-)