Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Decor

Remember when we thought we were getting a one bedroom apartment, but ended up with a two bedroom?  Well, we gave our Christmas tree away before we moved thinking we wouldn't have room for it in our new apartment.  I'm not too sad about it since we'll be spending a lot of the Christmas season in Utah with our families, but it leaves our decorations looking a little sparse this year. :)

The several small decor items we do have, along with Michael Buble's new Christmas CD, are doing the trick to bring the Christmas spirit.


Steve and Nicole said...

so cute! Your photography is great Stephanie! And I love your blog background :)

Stephie Lynne said...

Someday we will have so many decorations we won't know where to put them all, right? :)

I agree- Michael Buble Christmas music is the best way to get in the mood!

See you in less than 3 weeks!