Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hey look, we won!

Back in December Matt received an email from West Law (it's a legal research site he uses) saying that he had won some drawing.  He thought it was just spam or something, but he really had won!  They gave him a TON of points and we used them to add to our movie collection!
25 total!!  I think about five of these were from Christmas, but the rest were from the points he won!  Boo yah. :)  We've been watching lots of movies around here... or were watching lots of movies until Matt started his second semester of law school.


Rach said...

Oh man. Jon would be in HEAVEN if that happened to him. I seriously didn't know how much he loves to collect movies until I married him! Also, LOL do NOT watch the paper Chase! That's such a depressing law school movie!! We watched it with Jon's study group and in the end we all just felt awkward because it has little closure and makes you wonder why anyone in the right mind would EVER attend law school. ha ha. Love you two!

Katie said...

That's awesome. No one I know ever wins stuff. Good job, Matt. And good movie choices. I've been wanting to see some of those.

Teandra said...

Sweet! Those are all great movies