Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4th Anniversary Celebration

Our anniversary celebration was amazing.  Matt was done with finals so we had a nice, stress-free weekend all to ourselves.  Matt surprised me on Friday, May 11 by taking me to Buffalo Wild Wings (may not sound romantic, but it's my favorite so it was).  We went to the Meijer to get some treats for the night, and to the mall to pick out something new.  Then we went to our favorite little movie theater where we saw The Avengers while eating buttery popcorn, sprite, and candy.  On Saturday we got some groceries and did some cooking together--one of our favorite things.  We relaxed, watched movies, went for a walk, and took naps.  It was the perfect weekend. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the actual celebrations and it's kind of tradition to have a picture of us on our anniversary, so we took one on Sunday instead.

Here's Matt being a good sport while I set it up.  :)  LOVE him.

And here's us on (or near ;)) our 4th Anniversary.
SO glad I married this man 4 years ago!


Bryan and Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! Your weekend sounds awesome!

Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Glad you finally got to celebrate! Those weekends are the best and definitely a treat during law school. Love you guys :)

Katie said...

You guys are so cute! Happy anniversary.

W. Nielson said...

Happy Anniversary! We always celebrate a few days later too but I figure celebrating is celebrating and a few days doesn't make a difference right?? Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

Kelly Salmon said...

So cute :)