Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Green Thumbs??

So Matt and I have never really grown anything before, but this year we decided it would be really fun to grow a couple things on our deck.  Who knew we had such a knack for gardening!? ;) 

We each got a pot and I decided to grow basil in mine... yum!
 Can you say pesto, paninis, pastas??

Matt wanted to grow cayenne peppers in his pot.

They aren't red yet, but one of them is pretty big.  :)

I think what we grew in our pots says a lot about us--especially Matt.  I love that he chose cayenne peppers because he is always trying to sneak cayenne into my spaghetti sauce.


Amy said...

Good job! We could never manage to make things grow. What's your secret? P.S. Brian tries to add spicy peppers into everything when I'm not looking, too. Silly husbands. :)

Rach said...

YAY!! You are such successfull gardeners! Come to Utah soon and play with us puhlease.