Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicago in the Summertime

We have done so many fun things this summer that I haven't had time to blog about.  We've just been busy having fun I guess!  Every night was a party this summer and it's really sad to see it come to an end... SO, instead of just skipping to the next part of our lives, I'm going to do a little post about some of our fun adventures.

At the end of June, Mom and Dad Purcell came out to visit us!  It was such a blast eating good food, staying up late, watching every episode of Shark Tank with them because Matt and I love it so much, and going on adventures with them.

One of the days they were here we took a little day trip to Chicago to visit the Science and Industry Museum.

Mom, Dad, and Matt in the car on the way there. :)

The museum really was incredible.  I didn't get any pictures of my favorite parts, but I have to say that one of them was all the human bodies they had in the health section.  The human body really is amazing!  I was a little weirded out by the "pickled fetus" section though.  I don't really know what else to call it, but they had fetus' at each week of development throughout a pregnancy in little cases filled with liquid.  The first few weeks were cool, but as soon as it started to really resemble a baby it just made me sad.  The entire museum was incredible though--best one I've ever been to!  It was so informative and just amazing (have I said amazing enough? ;)).
Here is a picture of Dad with his favorite plane... I can't remember the story behind it, but I think it was a WWII plane?

We also saw this little chick hatch, which was super adorable.  He couldn't even really stand up yet. :)

I also liked all the little town replicas they had.

This is the U-505.  It's the only German submarine captured by the Navy in WWII.  We went on a tour of the inside and it was SO cramped and hot in there.  I can't imagine living down there with so many smelly men.  Our tour guide was awesome and even made me jump a couple times.
After walking around we were exhausted so we went out for Chicago Style Pizza.  It is SO good, but I can only eat it once a year or it will clog my arteries and I'll die.
Mom and Dad at dinner
All of us at dinner with our pizza :)
More posts about the rest of our summer adventures--coming soon!


Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Wow- that museum has everything! And I am now craving Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Yum! Looks like you had a great time!

And Shark Tank is such a great show! Every time we watch it we decide that we need to invent something that Mr. Wonderful will want to get in on with us :) Love and really miss you guys!

Rach said...

Steph, favorite part is this: I can only eat it once a year or it will clog my arteries and I'll die.


We love and miss you. Matt's still sportin that goatie like a CHAMP!! hee hee