Saturday, August 18, 2012

Clear Water and NO SHARKS! :)

 While Matt's parents where here we had to show them our favorite place in the area--the BEACH!  You might think that because we don't live near the ocean we don't have a good beach, but I submit to you that our beach on Lake Michigan may be better than the beach on the Ocean! :)  *Note: this may or may not be due entirely to the lack of sharks.*  It's warm and not salty, but there are still some decent waves and it's CLEAR and clean.  Perfect for swimming.

One of our favorite beaches on Lake Michigan is in a little town called St. Joseph.  They have cute stores along a little main street near the beach.  We started there and had to get a few pictures with the random pirates they have along the walk. :)

I love that they have this little snack shack on the beach.  So fun!

Before this, Matt and I had only been to this beach in October when it was freezing cold and windy, so we weren't expecting to swim.  Once getting there and dipping our feet in we both ended up going in all the way--fully clothed! :)
 P.S. I have a really cute husband. :)

 Matt, Dad, and Mom on the beach.

They are so cute. :)

Our beach even has great sand!

I think we might need to move into one of these houses on the beach and Matt can commute to Notre Dame. :)


Katie said...

I do hate salt water. I might need to come to your beach sometime.

Steve and Nicole said...

You guys are so cute, I love the picture of the two of you. great pictures!

Marie said...

SO pretty! We have a man-made lake about an hour north of us. It has beautiful vistas and great picnic areas, but pretty much no beach (since what there is there, they had to bring in).

Tia Zwick Field said...

Fun to have a beach so close! Lucky! Oh my gosh, so today I saw a guy that looks just like your husband in our new ward! He has twin babies and last name is Purcell! Are they brothers, or twins! Totally was wishing it was your husband and that you were there! ha ha