Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"They're Magically Delicious!"

Isn't that what all leprechauns say?!  Well we met a real leprechaun last Friday and I'm sorry to say that he didn't exclaim the traditional leprechaun phrase as you would expect...maybe he was just shy.

Matt and I with the Notre Dame Leprechaun himself!

We also got to tour the ND locker room!  Since it was the day before the ND v. Michigan game it was all set up for the players.

 I was amazed at how organized it is, but apparently it gets set up like this for every home game!

 Manti is in our ward and Matt home teaches him so we had to get a picture by our man's gear!

Then we took a little walk down to the stadium--it never ceases to amaze me even with all it's old wooden benches! :)

We even got to stand on the grass a little in this picture--a crime punishable by death.
I also went on the roof of the power plant and there was an awesome place to take a picture with the dome--only problem, I had my SLR and if you give an SLR to someone who isn't familiar with how to use them your picture will turn out like this...
But, hey, maybe I can say we did it on purpose and it's supposed to be artsy??  ;)

On Saturday Matt and I had tickets to the Notre Dame v. Michigan game and it was our first one!  They are SO loud and packed and crazy!  So many drunk people!  Way different than a BYU game, but still really fun!  And, did I say REALLY loud??

Here we are in the stands!  :)
 Check out our sweet shamrock necklaces--they were sweet!

I can't get over their shiny gold helmets--get's me everytime!

And, the Irish flag!
 This picture was taken after it took the people in the orange section five minutes to figure things out.  :)  We had fun mocking them.

One of my favorite parts was the cute little boy who was there with his dad who was a Michigan fan but the little boy kept cheering at the wrong parts of the game--like touchdown for Notre Dame, Interception for Notre Dame, etc.  It was hilarious and Matt said we should give him a piece of candy everytime he did it.  :)  His dad was cracking up over it too.  Adorable little strawberry-blond boy with freckles and dimples.

And, best of all... we WON!  :)  And our man Manti had two interceptions.  Great game!

Can't wait for the BYU v. ND game!!


Marie said...

Sounds like a fun time! I think games are always more fun when you know a particular player to cheer for. We had some student athletes in our BYU ward.

Bryan and Sarah said...

So cool! I loved reading this.

Landon and Julie said...

You guys are so legit!

Katie said...

Going to football games is so much more fun than watching them on tv. I laughed so hard at that picture of you. Poor Matt, I hope you weren't too hard on him.

Michael and Michelle said...

Hey we are coming out to the BYU vs. ND game!!!! maybe I will see you!

Kandace said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I can't wait for the BYU v. ND game either!