Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food, Friends, and Holidays

Wow!  MIA much?  I have been super busy with photo shoots this fall and just realized I've been neglecting my blog.  I wasn't about to risk having December 2012 be my first month without a blog post since the birth of this blog!  That would be devastating.  :)   (I know we're only a few days into December, but the rest of the month is going to be insane!)

Thankfully I took some pictures of our Thanksgiving feast.  *Pun only sorta intended.*  I'm so grateful that we have so many great friends in the area to share the holiday with.  And, I'm grateful that all these previously mentioned friends are such good cooks because this meant we were able to share a delicious meal with people we love.

Wes and Anna--they are our good friends and attend the branch with usThey are in their first year of law school and Matt and Wes are way too much alike.  :)  Anna's dad was an institute teacher--Matt and I met in his class!  Wes' uncle lived next door to my family for a few years and was a good family friend.  Small world!

Brian and Katie--Brian is in law school with Matt and they have become our good friends over the last year and a half!  Eric and Cambria (in the background)--They are med students and our good friends.  They were kind enough to host the Thanksgiving dinner this year!

 Will--belongs to Eric and Cambria and provided endless entertainment for the evening.  :)  We love that kid!

Everyone!--Josh (another one of Matt's law school classmates), Brian, Katie, Me, Cambria, Will, Eric, Anna, Wes and Matt

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!


Anna Rosalie said...

Great pic Steph! We love you guys and have really enjoyed getting to know you (and discovering all of the random family connections) :)