Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's My Story, It's His Story, It's OUR Story

One of the amazing things about opening up about our infertility has been the connections we've made.  I've got pen pals all over the country who are struggling with infertility--I love that.  So, as a result of some of these connections I was able to meet the amazing Jacki Norris.  This sweet lady has started what is called the "Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Project."  She meets with people from all over the country to document their story of infertility or pregnancy loss in photographs and text.

We were so honored to have been able to participate and share our story in the hopes the we can help someone out there know they aren't alone.

You can read my story HERE.
You can read Matt's story HERE.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our session!

If you are interested in participating in this project you can email Jackie at


Jackie Norris said...

SO grateful to have met you both! I just love how you participated together, it sends such a wonderful message to other couples struggling.

Can't wait for JULY!!!

Bryce & Cherise said...

Such beautiful photos and a beautiful story! I'm coming to realize more and more that the journey, though extremely difficult, is a beautiful thing. My heart and prayers are with you always!