Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hawaii: Part 3

After the bike ride on Monday, we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at the beach.  We even got to watch a beautiful sunset.  There is just nothing like laying around on the beach.  Matt might disagree with this and say snorkeling is WAY better. ;)  We have a pond behind our house that he's been utilizing since we got home.  He says it's not as good as the ocean, but gives him his snorkeling fix.  Unfortunately it's getting harder and harder as it continues to freeze over.

No words.

 Steph and I had to get a couple pictures in our retro swimsuits too!  She's a great beach buddy.

 I can't believe we were actually here.

On Tuesday we ventured out to another beach by "Black Rock" for better snorkeling and  some boogie boarding.  Here are some awesome pictures of us attempting to boogie board in shallow water.  We were really bad at it, but it was still a blast.  Sometimes the waves would carry me all the way up the beach and I'd get stuck and just lay there like a beached whale.  I'm sure we looked like idiots, but it was hilarious.  And, I swallowed a bunch of sand in the process.  These picture make me laugh every time I see them.

I love Matt's face in this one. :)


"My eyes!" :)

Haha--there is too much to say about this picture.  Matt's face.  Dad "snorkeling" right behind him.  Hilarious.

 And here I am getting stuck. :)  I'm so cool guys.

Check out that MASSIVE wave! :)

And, here is my favorite picture from the bunch.  Sometimes when your husband gets sand in his eyes you just have to make fun of him. ;)

Clearly Stephie's face is reflecting the thrill she feels from riding that enormous wave.

Oh yeah, I forgot about this picture.  This one has to be my favorite.  They look like little boys!  And they look so excited to be in that 6 inch wave!  Then there's James' foot... haha!  These two kill me.

After a great day at the beach, we came home to get cleaned up before a night on the town!

Stephie and I curling our hair for our hot dates.

Tuesday was Stephie Lynne's birthday so they had reservations in a near by town (Lahaina).  Matt and I tagged along, walked around the shops for a while, and went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe since Matt had never been! 

James and Stephie waiting for the shuttle in the lobby of the resort.  I love this picture of them.

Matt and I in the lobby too.

The view from the resort lobby.

In Lahaina they have this incredible Banyan tree--all the branches are connected!

Some of the cute shops.  We got some Hawaiian ice near here.

The gorgeous sunset as we walked along the ocean.

On Wednesday we went deep sea fishing.  This was very brave since the last time I went deep sea fishing I barfed 15 times.  Yep.  It was HORRIBLE.  I wanted to jump overboard.  We woke up around 4 am (if I remember correctly) to head down to the dock.

Here is the boat as we were boarding it.

One good thing about getting on the boat so early is that we got to watch the sunrise.

Stacie and Christian--I love this picture of them.

I don't think my camera was focusing very well at this point--it must have been tired.  But, here we are on the boat.

Left: James and Dad--GREAT picture :)
Right: Our captain

Check out the lighting!

Waiting for fish...

And waiting... this is also a great picture of Christian--he looks so relaxed!

The boys :)

In the end we never caught anything. :(  We were really disappointed, BUT we still had a great boat ride and the views were really beautiful.  More fun to come in the last Hawaii post!


Katie George said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are beautiful! Sad you didn't catch anything on your deep sea fishing trip.

Linnea said...

Your striped swimsuit is probably the cutest thing ever!

Brenley:) said...

Enjoyed all your pictures Steph!

Rach said...

You deserve an award for having hair that looks that awesome in humid Hawaii!! Ha seriously I was just a ball of frizz over there. So fun! I'm so glad you got to go!